DOCULINK meetings are generally held the second Saturday of each month in Los Angeles. We alternate between guest speakers, work-in-progress screenings and social events. Details of upcoming meetings are announced on our mailing list.

Previous speakers have included:

Kate Amend, veteran editor of Academy Award winning filmsThe Long Way Home and Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport

Michael Anders, an award-winning director of photography, who has taught cinematography courses at San Francisco State and City College of San Francisco.

Erez Barzilay, a Canadian documentary filmmaker,
producer, director, cinematographer whose credits
include A Cry for Madiom and Surreal – a glance at a
land that no longer exists.

Jeff Blitz, producer/director, and Yana Gorskaya, editor, of Academy Award nominated documentary Spellbound.

David L. Brown, director/producer of Surfing for Life, Seniors for Peace, and a new film about life-long surfing pioneer, Woody Brown, Wind and Waves.

Debra Chasnoff, an Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker (Deadly Deception , 1991) and the executive director at Women’s Educational Media.  She is the co-creator of The Respect for All Project, a program that produces media and training resources to help prevent prejudice among young people.

Miriam Cutler, composer, whose documentary credits includeLost in La Mancha, Pandemic: Facing Aids, Scout’s Honor, Death: A Love Story, and The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez Gomez.

Udy Epstein, principal of Seventh Art Releasing, distributor of award- winning documentaries such as The Long Way Home, The Farm: Angola USA, and Speaking in Strings.

Gail Dolgen & Vincente Franco, directors of the Oscar nominated, award-winning PBS film, Daughter from Danang.

Tracey Friesen, a producer with the National Film
Board of Canada. Some of her many projects include:
Scared SacredBeing CaribouKosovo: Fragile Peace
and From Baghdad to Peace Country.

Joe Gantz, producer/director of Sex With Strangers and the multiple-Emmy Award winning Taxicab Confessions (HBO).

Bruce Hanifan, music producer/sound designer/composer, whose documentary credits include Family Fundamentals,Show Biz Is My Life, Good Kurds, Bad Kurds, and many works for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Mark Harris, director and three time Academy Award winner; he directed Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport, The Long Way Home, and numerous other documentariesHe has also published five novels for children, including the award-winning Come the Morning, and has taught at University of Southern California’s Cinema School for 21 years.

Robin Hessman, co-producer of PBS-broadcast Tupperware!, and a director/producer of documentary films and educational television including her Academy Award-winning documentary film, Portrait of Boy With Dog.

Independent Television Service (ITVS) (Doculink co-hosted this event along with the Cinewomen Documentary Group, the KAOS Network, and Dendrite Forest) Comprehensive proposal writing seminar presented by Richard Saiz, Program Manager at ITVS, the single largest funder of independent work for broadcast television.

Deborah Koons Garcia, the award-winning director/writer/producer of the films The Future of Food andGrateful Dawg, about her late husband, Jerry Garcia.

Anton Linaker, technical operations manager of Consolidated Film Industries (CFI), provider of film laboratory services and recipient of 13 Academy Awards for technical achievement.

Michelle Mason, Vancouver documentary filmmaker who
has directed and produced her own documentary films
such as The Friendship Village and Breaking Ranks.

Amanda Micheli, an award-winning filmmaker with a solid background as both a director and a cinematographer. Her films include the popular Double Dare, Just for the Ride and the upcoming HBO documentary by photographer Lauren Greenfield, Thin.

Patrice O’Neill, a producer and executive producer of successful national television series on PBS for over 15 years, including the provocative series Not in Our Town.

Richard Propper, President and CEO of Solid Entertainment, an international distribution company specializing in documentary television programming. Mr. Propper is also the current president of the International Documentary Association.

Michael Propper, the San Francisco representative of Solid Entertainment, a documentary distribution company based in Los Angeles.  (see above)

Jeff Young, currently the head of the Entertainment
Business Management Diploma Program at the Vancouver
Film School, and also active with a number of
Vancouver music publishers and film companies
negotiating film, music and media deals as an
entertainment lawyer.

David Zeiger, producer/director of The Band, Displaced in the New South,and the documentary series Senior Year,all of which aired on PBS.