Mailing List

The email mailing list is the heart of Doculink. It is where our subscribers post messages and discuss everything and anything related to documentary filmmaking. DOCULINKers throw out questions about equipment, editing systems, issues they are thinking about; information about screenings, funding sources, jobs; and articles about the state of documentary filmmaking today, among other things.

The general guidelines we have for our mailing list are be respectful of people’s time, be courteous to others, and keep your posts related to documentary films and documentary filmmaking.

By using the Doculink Listserv you signify your agreement to our TERMS OF USE.

Subscribing to the list

To subscribe, visit Partway down that page, under Group Email Addresses, you’ll find the email address used to accept subscription requests. Send a brief email to the appropriate address, and in that email tell us a little bit about yourself, your involvement in the documentary field, and why you would like to join the group. The note just needs to be one to three sentences. But the information helps us filter out spammers, phishers, and so on. Also, we don’t post the email on this page for similar reasons:, the service that hosts Doculink, helps keep the address a bit more hidden from bots who would find it on this page.


If you have additional questions, please e-mail Jim, the list owner, at the appropriate email address under Group Email Address above.