D O C U L I N K is a community for documentary filmmakers who share information, leads, ideas, and a commitment to support each other’s growth as nonfiction filmmakers.

The D O C U L I N K community consists of:

(1) An active email list, which provides a forum for over 3500 subscribers to quickly share information and engage in ongoing discussion about documentary filmmaking.

(2) A website that provides detailed information and resources for documentary filmmakers.

(3) Monthly in Los Angeles which alternate between guest speakers, work-in-progress screenings and social events.


The idea for starting D O C U L I N K, an email listserv and support network for documentarians, arose in 2001 in discussions between Robert Bahar, Bryan Donnell, Antonia Kao, Lori Lovoy-Goran, and Monique Zavistovski at the USC Graduate School of Cinema-TV on the eve of our respective graduations. As nonfiction filmmakers trekking out into the “real” world, we felt a need for community and support.

Many talented, similarly-impassioned documentary filmmakers share the same journey and yet work in relative isolation from each other. We believe that linking up and creating a community benefits us all. By sharing skills, expertise, leads, screening announcements, etc. we can learn from and support each other.

Since its launch in February 2002, DOCULINK has grown into a vibrant community of over 3500 people who are actively involved with documentaries. While we initially hailed from Los Angeles, the Doculink community now stretches across the United States and extends all over the world. We’re an eclectic group and range the gamut from indie director/ producers to cinematographers, editors, researchers, and festival programmers.